Commercial Cleaning Services … they are a Changin!

Commercial Cleaning Services

Before Covid, commercial cleaning services standards expected by clients were quite different. Commercial Janitorial services basically comprised of mopping, vacuuming, dusting, restroom sanitation and replacing consumables.

Since Covid, commercial cleaning services have become more specific and broader. We are seeing a much more informed client when it comes to standards and procedures, products and equipment, security and safety; all while broadening the parameters of what they can ask of their commercial cleaning companies.

AMC Commercial Cleaning has been in the janitorial services industry for 35 years and it has been exciting to see how our clients have become more educated and vested in our commercial cleaning services.

As experts and leaders in commercial janitorial services, we realize that being flexible to our client’s needs is our top priority.

What can you expect from AMC Commercial Cleaning in Dallas, Texas?

Commercial Cleaning Services with Expertise and Professionalism 

AMC Commercial Cleaning believes that we are an extension of our clients, and we want to represent that with the utmost professionalism and quality.Every business is unique, and as a commercial cleaning expert, we understand each industry, whether it’s an office, bank, shopping mall, medical center, senior care, daycare, or school. Each has its own set of cleaning standards for its facilities. AMC has the ability, and our janitors have the skills, to clean diverse commercial sectors.

We have designed systematic techniques for janitors based on the requirements of our customers’ sites. The scope of work includes a schedule on the frequency of cleaning, a list of tasks to be done at each cleaning roster, the types of surfaces to be cleaned and the method of cleaning to achieve the outcome and standard expected by the customer. This customized janitorial cleaning service can only be achieved by clearly understanding the needs of each site and overlaying our expertise to deliver a professional service.

Commercial Cleaning Expertise

Presentation and Communication

We believe in always putting our best foot forward with our commercial cleaning service delivery, creating a lasting impression on our customers.

AMC ensures its janitors wear the official AMC uniform when performing cleaning duties. Janitors will always be attired in the AMC polo shirts, black pants and safety shoes. AMC commercial cleaning emphasizes the right attitude, behavior and conduct of its cleaning staff.

Site Attendance Record

We have developed a site attendance system for all janitors cleaning a specific site. Each location has a QR code system that our janitors will use to check in and out according to their scheduled working hours.

The site attendance is recorded on the customer portal in real time. This provides our clients with confidence that their site is cleaned consistently.

Customer Portal

To have continuous improvement and development for our customers, they will have real time access to AMC’s site audit reports as well as being able to self-audit via our customer portal FAS, enabling transparent reporting of our service performances on commercial cleaning at all sites. Our customer portal provides real-time information, allowing our management to make data-driven decisions. This allows us to respond to concerns immediately and enhance our service delivery.

Freshdesk APP

Additionally, AMC uses Freshdesk app for any customer service enquiry, feedback or issues to be resolved.

AMC Freshdesk app is a portal with a ticketing functionality that streamlines all requests, feedback and resolution to a single platform.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)

Our cleaning teams are fully educated on the most current OSHA requirements prior to starting a new job.

AMC commercial cleaning promotes a zero harm and injury free work environment and actively supports the health and safety of janitors, cleaning management, and customers.

We will also complete a pre-hazard workplace assessment form for each site. Site supervisors will keep an OSHA manual on site.

AMC will provide complete and transparent access to all Occupational safety and health documentation related to the site whenever required. In addition, we are fully work insured and bonded.

Bio Cleaning

Continued Education on Cleaning Products and their Effectiveness

It is our duty and obligation to stay informed with the most effective cleaning products on the market. Our teams work with cleaning product leaders in the industry. Commercial Cleaning industries are undergoing a particularly significant shift with respect to customers’ demands for safe and green cleaning products particularly in sectors such as schools, day care, senior care and medical facilities.

We ensure on meeting the requirements and that the safest, harm-free products are used when cleaning. We strive to deliver high standards in commercial cleaning, effective sanitization methods and use non-hazardous chemicals which are not merely based on their smell, but that is safer for any commercial facility, people and our planet.

AMC commercial cleaning stays informed on cleaning products and equipment in order to select the absolute top cleaning products for each client’s need. We don’t cut corners, we clean them!


Compliance to Commercial Cleaning Services Standards

To deliver excellence in commercial cleaning services, AMC enforces all compliance requirements in its practices. AMC strictly uses color coded cleaning tools such as microfibre cloths (rags), mops and buckets. Using color coded cleaning tools reduces the risk of cross contamination. It improves efficiency and effectiveness in the cleaning job. This compliance protocol is a significant part of AMC’s janitors training and induction for cleaning duties.

AMC uses these common color codes in commercial cleaning for all our customers:

  • Red: Toilets, bathrooms, washrooms, dirty utility rooms.
  • Yellow: Infectious areas, isolation areas.
  • Green: Kitchens, food preparation areas, food service areas.
  • Blue: General cleaning, offices, low risk areas.
  • White: Clinical areas, operating theatres.

For instance, color coded rags used to clean a toilet (red) is not the same as the rag to be used to wipe down a desk (blue). We enforce this by doing regular audits of sites soon after a clean to ensure our team is complying with the high standards that we require, and our customers expect when delivering a commercial cleaning service.

Areas where janitorial service is provided by AMC Commercial Cleaning in Texas

Dallas, Texas

Irving, Texas

Plano, Texas

Frisco, Texas

Addison, Texas

Richardson, Texas

Farmers Branch, Texas

Prosper, Texas

Lewisville, Texas

Allen, Texas

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