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When it comes to Senior Care. We completely understand.

“We are the things we don’t remember, the blank spaces, the forgotten words”

~ Cecilia Ruiz ~

Senior Care Cleaning Services – Resident Care is the top priority

Providing a calm, comfortable and caring environment for residents is a top priority. Respecting the rights, responding to the unique needs of the individual, supporting mobility and behavioral needs are some of the essentials. When it comes to Senior Care, looking after people take a different kind of cleaning. It’s about supporting the carer and the cared for.

Our cleaning service for senior care and nursing homes, consider regulatory compliance, COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection principles, safe work protocols, resident rights and safety.

AMC Commercial Cleaning also considers the increased susceptibility to infections due to age, health, weak immune systems, nutrition, existing medical conditions, medication, incontinence, medical devices such as catheters and feeding tubes and even skin ailments.

Senior Care Cleaning Services that comply with senior care regulations

Use of natural, non-toxic, safe and effective cleaning products with an emphasis on infection control procedures and services in relation to the environment and occupational health.

Support for accreditation: AMC Commercial Cleaning understands and participates in mandatory service reporting for senior care and nursing homes.

All AMC staff security checked, site inducted, trained on senior care compliance and given the necessary vaccinations to safely work in senior care

Rigorous Protocols

Our cleaning service protocols for senior care, begins with selection and rigorous training of cleaning staff, COVID cleaning and infection control. Certification of training, strict reporting of daily processes, security, pre-shift check lists including best practice protocols for resident accommodation, communication book updates, cleaners’ room organization. Service Level Agreements (SLA) will specify the frequency of quality audits by Customer Services Managers and reviews with site contacts.

Aged Care Cleaning

Attention to detail

We understand the kind of health risks that can occur on your site. In accordance with COVID-19 principles of cleaning, we have designed the best practice cleanings program as given below:

Click the image to view a larger version or view a PDF here.

Typical Aged Care Facility

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