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Office Cleaning Services – Here’s to happiness every day.

Happy staff members are not only more productive, they also have higher job satisfaction, take fewer sick days, avoid burn out and show increased loyalty to their employer.

On average, workers spend 6.8 hours every day at their desk, which is more time than they spend in bed each night! When your staff is happy, you know you’re taking care of their wellbeing in a positive way.

From all of our insights and learning, we understand cleaning is a high profile activity in managing offices and corporate businesses.

While a structured scope of works will form the broad basis to the programme, measures for optimization such as predictive maintenance and agile maintenance will form the cleaning solution.

Underpinning the AMC Commercial Cleaning is the focus on outcomes supporting business performance, end-user experience, public and workplace safety and health.

Office cleaning service that provides a cleaner desk and a clearer mind

Desks and the items on them – phones, keyboards and computer mice – can harbor a lot of nasty germs. Having a cleaner desk reduces the risk of illness and encourages a clearer headspace to focus on the things that matter most.

Make your team feel special

To foster productive and successful teams, it’s essential to create an environment and culture where your staff can thrive and be happy. If your team members feel special, they’re more likely to perform in special ways.

Help your staff stay healthy

Illness can cause staff to take sick days which can cost thousands of dollars per employee each year. That’s why it’s important to keep your staff happy with a clean, healthy working environment.

Make a good first impression

A clean environment gives your team a sense of pride in where they work. This is not only a major contributor towards job satisfaction, it’s also important for making a good first impression on new clients and staff.

Underpinning our cleaning service will be focus on outcomes supporting business performance, wellbeing of employees and workplace health and safety.

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