Medical Cleaning Services

Medical Janitorial Services

Ensuring consistent high cleaning standards that prevent the spread of infection has never been more important than now.

Our Medical Cleaning Services expertise in cleaning for medical clinics, laboratories, day hospitals, family health practices incorporate surface disinfection, sanitization and bio-hazard cleaning complying with stringent clinical requirements. We have a particular focus on detail cleans for medical clinics. These finer details we know will make a difference to the health, safety and wellbeing of your patients, visitors and staff. We do this because we believe it’s important to look after people, just like when you go to great lengths to take care of every individual patient.

Medical Cleaning Services, where patient care is top priority.

Creating and maintaining a calm and caring experience for patients is a top priority. A consistently clean environment is essential in providing this experience. Patients as well as your staff need the assurance of expert care in a space that is hygienic and clean.

Medical Cleaning Services that ensure compliance & accreditation.

Ever tightening regulatory standards and compliance policies make it essential for aged care organizations to take appropriate measure for prevention of risks related to cleanliness and hygiene. Non-compliance can be detrimental with serious legal consequences.

At AMC Commercial Cleaning we’re focused on redefining quality and setting a new benchmark for medical cleaning. This is backed by an unmatched level of customer service, account management and helpdesk support – giving you total and complete peace of mind. 


Medical Cleaning Services, with your reputation in mind.

Your reputation is your greatest asset. Your investment in cutting edge technology, professional development and best practice have helped in building your own reputation. We understand that inconsistencies in the presentation of your premises related to cleaning practices and risks to hygiene can damage yours and your medical practice’s brand reputation.

AMC Commercial Cleaning services designed specifically for medical clinics and Healthcare.

Because we spend so much time working on healthcare and medical clinics, we know the risks that occur on your sites. We will design a scope of works that meets compliance, patients’ comfort and rights and your brand requirements. AMC will provide cleaners equipped with skills, tools and processes to support you in meeting your objectives efficiently and effectively. A clear outcome-based scope of works will form the basis of the KPIs to be delivered by the cleaning operations teams

Typical Medical Facility

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