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Daycare Janitorial Services

Daycare Cleaning Services that cares for every child

In view of pandemics the level of cleaning and hygiene standards for daycares and playschools have been raised to a very high level. This, we understand has placed more responsibilities on daycare and playschool providers.  In addition to this, creating and maintaining an environment that provides a safe space to address a child’s unique emotional, physical and psychological needs is also important for you. Parents as well as your staff need the assurance of a space that provides all of this in a consistently hygienic and clean environment they can trust.

Daycare Cleaning Services focused on Quality & Compliance

We have designed our Daycare cleaning services and disinfection program in accordance with the regulatory guidelines. These guidelines, make it essential for daycare organizations to take appropriate measures for prevention of risks related to cleanliness and hygiene.

In addition, AMC’s cleaning programme takes into account:

  • Use of natural and effective non-toxic cleaning agents
  • A range of specialist cleaning services suited for daycare and playschool compliance
  • All cleaners have the appropriate vaccinations
  • All cleaners have security checks
  • Monitoring and reporting of cleaning activity to assist with regulatory compliance


Kids are having too much fun to care if the floors are dirty or if the bench tops are unsanitized – but you do, and so do we.

At AMC Commercial Cleaning we understand that cleaning is something that has to be done, especially when there are little ones involved – and we all want to help give them the best start in life.

That’s why we’ve built our business on delivering the highest standards of cleaning, with a level of customer service to match: to put your mind at ease, so you can concentrate on the more important, little things.

Childcare janitorial services

Kids – they like to play, have fun and meet new friends. They also love to make a mess!

Daycare Janitorial Services

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