Daycare Janitorial Services

Daycare Cleaning Services

What to Consider when choosing Daycare Janitorial Services.

More and more daycares and education facilities are moving towards hiring janitorial cleaning companies instead of doing it themselves.

Our children are our most precious gifts and when parents entrust daycares to care for their children outside of their presence, cleanliness must be taken to the highest levels.

As leaders in our industry, AMC Commercial Cleaning has now been serving daycares, schools and education facilities for over 35 years.

Through our experience, we have learned some very important tips that could be helpful when considering Daycare Janitorial Services.


We recommend having the floors stripped, sealed and buffed as well as steam cleaning carpets once a year. We know that kids have to play, have fun and meet new friends that way. We know that they love to make a mess! Which is why it is so important to keep the floors clean everyday. A deep floor clean annually makes it easier for the cleaners to maintain the cleanest floors throughout the year.

Ask the staff/teachers

Teachers are our most informed clients when it comes to seeing and understanding the needs of a daycare facility and their students. They do everything from feeding in highchairs, playing on the floor, putting kids down for naptime in cribs or on floors, watching them crawl around, seeing what the children are putting in their mouths and hands on, potty training, washing up, outdoor time and so much more. Often, teachers end up cleaning because they know what needs to be clean to keep our children safe and healthy.

When it comes to Daycare Janitorial Services, chemical free is the key!

As we all know, children like to put things in their mouths. When considering a cleaning company, make sure they are educated on all the cleaning products and materials available.

There are so many products out there and some that are so popular, however; not all clean the same or even at all. Many times, the best products available to us, especially the chemical free ones, don’t have that “just cleaned” smell to them.

The reason is that the “smell” is often a chemical and unsafe. Popularly, a “cleaning product” is chosen because of how good it smells. At AMC Commercial Cleaning we use high quality products that are chemical free and harmless to children. However, effective to protect them from diseases.

We also educate our daycares and education facilities on the products that we use and why we use them. It’s more important to sanitize properly than it is to leave a false sense of clean by using inferior products.

Daycare Janitorial Services

Think like a child!

When cleaning walls and interior glass in a daycare, it is important to remember the 2-foot rule! Children touch surfaces up to about 2 feet. This area is not often a focus on most commercial cleaning jobs like offices. But for daycares, this is essential.

Playground and outdoors

Keeping our children healthy and safe inside the daycares and facilities doesn’t only apply to the indoors. Outdoors, a daycare often has insect problems, especially in the playgrounds. It is inevitable. Mosquitos in Texas can be a pain! Don’t be shy to ask your cleaning team to help with solutions for pest control and occasional cleaning of outdoor equipment when needed. AMC Cleaning provides “Menu” items when asked. “Menu” items that AMC offers include pest control and outdoor equipment cleaning. We pride ourselves in being a concierge provider for our clients.

When it comes to facilities where our children spend time, they must be held to the same standards we hold ourselves. Would you put your infant down to crawl around in a mosquito infested yard? Would you let your toddler lick dirty doorknobs in your house? Of course not so, why should it happen at their daycare or school? It shouldn’t. And if the daycare is using the right cleaner, it won’t.

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