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AMC’s PROTECT+ sets and maintains a new standard in health and safety for a new world of cleanliness.

School Cleaning Services – Let’s start protecting tomorrow’s future, today.

The novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 has changed School Cleaning Services standards across the world. That’s why we’ve developed our best-in-class cleaning service PROTECT+ to help keep your students and staff safe from contaminants at school.

When it comes to cleaning in schools, there is simply no margin for error.

In this new normal Covid-19 pandemic phase, keeping students, staff and the wider community safe from the risk of cross contamination has become more critical than ever. Regulations and new health standards require schools in Dallas region to review their current cleaning programs.

We understand the priority in the education sector is to provide the best quality of learning and development whilst providing for the safety and wellbeing of students and staff. Keeping healthy and avoiding illnesses is a big challenge in a context where interactions are encouraged through learning.

Cleaning, therefore, is not only essential for wellbeing, but it is also a high-profile activity in facilities management of a school.

Cleanliness is important for parents as well as your staff. Often the quality of cleanliness is a key criterion which influences prospective parents. Ensuring a regular cleaning service routine with a focus on high-use areas, areas vulnerable for cross contamination, common areas that create a first impression to the standards and values of the school is a shared responsibility between you and your school cleaning services partner.

AMC’s PROTECT+ School Cleaning Services sets and maintains a new benchmark in standards, giving you complete peace of mind.

PROTECT+ offers you the highest levels of performance management, quality control, sustainability and customer service that surpasses all current benchmarks.

School Janitorial Services - Performance & Quality Management

Performance & Quality Management

Intensive Cleaning

Intensive Cleaning to high traffic, high-risk areas

Disinfection to high touch areas

Targeted surface disinfection to high touch areas


Fogging disinfection to eliminate biohazards

We look forward to revealing more about the AMC Commercial Cleaning service difference. Please contact us at any time to discuss your cleaning needs further.

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